Outdoor gyms

Municipal outdoor gyms are managed according to their location by:

  1. Village districts, the so-called ‘Sołectwa’ – village administrators
  2. Estates – presidents of the estates’ managements
  3. Schools, kindergartens – head teachers

At the outdoor gyms administrated by the Municipality of Ożarów Mazowiecki, the rules and regulations concerning these places can be found.

  1. Outdoor gym in Święcice – 53 Warszawska Street, on the premises of the Voluntary Fire Service in Święcice
  2. Outdoor gym in Józefów – 15 Fabryczna Street, at the branch of the ‘Smile’ Cultural Centre
  3. Outdoor gym in South Płochocin – the junction of Długa and Łokietka Streets
  4. Outdoor gym in North Płochocin – 4 Rynkowa Street
  5. Outdoor gym in Duchnice Village – the junction of Duchnicka and Korczaka Streets
  6. Outdoor gym at the Mickiewicz Estate – 14A Graniczna Street
  7. Outdoor gym in Ożarów Mazowiecki – 123 Poznańska Street, the Ożarowianka Stadium
  8. Outdoor gym in Bronisze – 14F Przyparkowa Street
  9. Outdoor gym in Macierzysz – Mazowiecka Street, near the pond
  10. Outdoor gym in Ołtarzew – Parkowa Street, the former Ambra Stadium
  11. The ‘StreetWorkout’ outdoor gym – 292 Poznańska Street