Primary Schools

The Janusz Kusociński Primary School No. 1 in Ożarów Mazowiecki
Head Teacher: Izabela Milde
3 Szkolna Street
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
Tel. (0-22) 722-10-39, (0-22) 721-10-19
‘Big school’:
‘Small school’:

Primary School No. 1 in Ożarów Mazowiecki is an educational institution in our municipality. There are integrated classes, from the 4th grade we create sports classes of swimming and football profiles. At PE classes swimming lessons are conducted from the 1st grade. We have really well-equipped classrooms. Many theme events and competitions are organised. We take part in the European Union educational projects. Our common room works from 7 am to 5 pm.

Our institution consists of 3 buildings. Kindergarten units are located in the modular building. This school year (2017/2018) at the ‘small school’ classes are being conducted for the 1st-3rd  grade students as well as in two kindergarten units. Classes for the 4th-8th grade students take place at the ‘big school’. There are two libraries at our school, numerous gyms and a sensory integration room. Additional facilities include sports grounds, a playground and a tennis court.

Extra classes for the 1st-3rd grade students: comprehensive classes (1st-3rd grade), mathematical-natural interest group (2nd-3rd grade) within the ‘Keen to Experiment’ EU project, the developing interests group for the 1st graders, corrective gymnastics (1st grade). For the students who need pedagogical and psychological help there are organised: correctional-compensational, speech therapy and sensory processing classes. German language lessons start from the 4th grade.

The Warsaw Defenders Primary School No. 2
Head Teacher: Halina Władyka
11 Lipowa Street
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
Tel. (0-22) 722-10-57
email address:

The Warsaw Defenders Primary School No. 2 is located in the west part of Ożarów Mazowiecki at the Ołatarzew Estate in Lipowa Street. 303 students from the 1st to 7th grade learn in 16 classes and there are also 47 children in 2 kindergarten units. Teaching at our school is partially conducted in a second shift system. The first shift system will be introduced after moving to the second building.

The school is located in a two-storey building. Kindergarten units and the 1st grade classes have their lessons on the second floor. Throughout the 2018/2019 school year teaching is being planned to be conducted in the second building, where 26 classrooms will be (including specialist rooms: language, IT, biology, chemistry and physics, technical, art), 2 school gyms and specialist offices of psychological and pedagogical help.

Classes as well as care and educational activities are conducted by professional teaching staff. Our educational offer is systematically being modified and developed with new programmes and educational projects in order to encourage the intellectual and social development of our children. We place special emphasis on teaching English. Student interest groups, remedial classes and educational therapy are activities permanently included in our weekly work plan.

The Grey Ranks Primary School in Płochocin
Head Teacher: Magdalena Szkup
3 Lipowa Street
05-860 Płochocin
Tel. (0-22) 722-50-15
email address:

Primary School in Józefów was established in 1905. It was located at the local sugar refinery building owned by Daniel and Jakub Przeworski. On 23rd April 2005 it was given the name of the Grey Ranks. It relates to the school’s tradition of including scouting ideals of courage and service in educating young people.

There are early childhood education classrooms, a front office and a psychologist, a pedagogue, a speech therapist and a nurse office on the ground floor of the building. Nature, IT and library rooms are located on the first floor. On the second floor there are mainly classrooms for the 4th-7th grade students and  a pedagogical therapy office. The whole inside and outside of the building is under video surveillance. There are a kitchen and a canteen on the ground floor. The school possesses a school garden as well. As part of the ‘Green at the Top’ initiative, trees and bushes have been planted in the nearby area of the school.

The Marshal Józef Piłsudski Primary School in Święcice
Head Teacher: Zdzisława Lesińska
541 Poznańska Street
05-860 Płochocin
Tel. (0-22) 722-50-28
email address:

Our school is a small village institution. No students stay unnoticed here. It is our school’s unquestionable advantage. There is a family atmosphere here, which students themselves highlight. It gives them the feeling of safety and a chance to enrich and vary their education process. We are a school with traditions. The beginning of educational system in Święcice date back to 1910. We educate in the spirit of patriotism, propriety, respect and tolerance.

Our school is located in a two-storey building with 5 classrooms, a computer lab and a gymnasium with its support area. Next to the building there is a modern and safe playground. There is a basketball court and a football pitch on the premises of the school. A construction of a new sports ground have been planned in our budget. Our classrooms are equipped with essential teaching aids. Students have access to individual lockers and they are provided with a common room.

Numerous additional activities are included in our work plan which enables students to pursue their hobbies and develop their skills. From 4th grade on, two foreign languages are taught. There are also innovative journalist classes conducted here. Students with educational problems can attend correctional-compensational, didactic-compensatory, speech therapy and psychological classes. Our school emphasises the importance of empathy towards other people. The ‘Firs Aid’ programme has been implemented. 

Primary School in Duchnice
Head Teacher: Krystyna Kozłowska
25 Duchnicka Street
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
Tel. (0-22) 506 57 80 / 84
email address:

Our school started working on 1st September 2016. A modern and functional building was designed for 300 students. Currently, students learn in 12 classes from the 1st to 8th grade as well as in 2 kindergarten units. There is a common room where children are looked after from 7 am to 5 pm. To ensure the children’s safety, the access to school is restricted, that is why there has been an intercom installed. There is a reception desk and a hallway at the entrance where parents can wait for their children.

There are pre-school and early childhood education rooms and numerous classrooms: humanistic, English learning, math, nature and art, computer labs, a gymnasium, a library, a theatre hall and a canteen. We have an outdoor sports ground with a football pitch, a race track, a courtyard and a playground. Parking spaces are located in front of the school, for cars and bikes. Our building is adapted for the disabled. The area around the school is fenced and under video surveillance.

There are compulsory additional classes conducted at our school. They are targeted at children’s effective use of their artistic potential (art, music, theatre). Other students’ interests are also important. Special interest groups allow them to develop their natural talents in the field of sports, maths, nature and many others. At PE lessons children go to the swimming pool where swimming lessons are conducted.