Public Kindergarten No. 1 in Ożarów Mazowiecki
Head Teacher: Bożena Nasielska
34 Ożarowska Street
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
Tel. (22) 722-10-40
email address:

The leading body of Public Kindergarten No. 1 with its Integrative Branches, is the Municipality of Ożarów Mazowiecki. It is located in 34 Ożarowska Street. 9 kindergarten branches operate here (210 children in total) with 3 integrative branches. 100 children go to the building in 51 Adama Mickiewicza Street. The kindergarten employs 34 teachers in both institutions, including specialist teachers: a speech therapist, a psychologist, a special education teacher, a neuro-speech therapist.

The building of the kindergarten is architecturally unique. It resembles a castle. It is adapted for disabled children as well. A big playground is located next to the building, with equipment intended for fun and exercising. It is surrounded by rich flora. We own a modern kitchen where delicious, healthy and balanced meals are prepared. Dinners from our kitchen are brought to the second building as well.

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Our teaching staff are improving their professional qualifications according to the kindergarten’s work plan. An educational therapy for children with special needs education certificate is conducted in a well-equipped sensory integration room. Apart from the curricular activities, additional educational workshops (physical, chemical and more) are conducted. Our good cooperation with the parents has a positive effect on our children’s education and development.

Public Kindergarten No. 1 (the second building)

Head Teacher: Bożena Nasielska
Deputy Head Teacher: Jolanta Szychowska
51 Mickiewicza Street
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
Tel. 22-722-79-55
email address:

Public Kindergarten No. 1 with its Integrative Branches in Ożarów Mazowiecki has expanded its operation with 4 additional units in the new building in 51 Mickiewicza Street since September 2015. We provide professional care, comprehensive education and learning in the atmosphere of fun, acceptance and safety. Our goal is to support our children’s development according to their natural potential and capabilities. We also provide parents with counselling and assistance.

The building is located in a quiet part of town near the new Primary School, far from the hustle and bustle of the town. The attractive patio is a place of relaxation, fun and rest for children. Classrooms are colourful and spacious. We have a theatre room where interesting events take place. Next to the building there is a playground with the equipment perfect for physical activity.

A highly qualified teaching staff is responsible for the children’s care. Speech therapy and psychological classes are conducted. Apart from curricular activities, our kindergarten provides children with various other ones, expanding their knowledge and interests. Workshops, meetings with interesting people, trips and concerts as well as other attractions are organised. In their everyday work, teachers apply attractive methods and forms of education.

Public Kindergarten No. 2 in Ożarów Mazowiecki
Head Teacher: Jolanta Sarzała
135 Poznańska Street
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
Tel. (22) 722-12-40
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The ‘Magic Garden’ Public Kindergarten No. 2 started its operation in 1950. We are differentiated by our beautiful name, colourful emblem of each group and a moving anthem. We are constantly developing but one thing remains the same – the happiness and wellbeing of our children is what is crucial for us.

Our institution consists of 8 large, sunny and neatly decorated rooms equipped with various modern educational toys, numerous teaching aids and spaces for children to have fun, suited to their age. A bathroom and a canteen is beside each classroom. Children are provided with tasty and healthy meals prepared at the kindergarten’s kitchen. The building is surrounded by a garden where a well-equipped and safe playground, together with a small recreational area can be found.

We are a children friendly institution where every child acquires skills and education needed for their further development. A highly qualified teaching staff, a psychologist and a speech therapist help with achieving our goals. Our children have an opportunity to learn English, attend music, art, coding and programming lessons. They have a direct contact with art and nature (theatre, concerts, balls, museums). We really value our cooperation with the parents and local communities.

Public Kindergarten in Bronisze
Head Teacher: Magdalena Węsek
13 Kwiatowa Street
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
Tel. (22) 722-32-01
email address:

Our kindergarten is a small, children friendly and innovative institution preparing each child for school education. We enable our children to level their educational opportunities taking the local communities needs into consideration. Our curriculum is directed at individual children’s needs, which gives them a chance for their personal development. A highly qualified and devoted teaching staff is responsible for the children’s care. They use modern methods of education.

The kindergarten is located in the village of Bronisze. Despite the urban surroundings, we have a big garden with trees and 2 playgrounds. It the one-storey building there are 2 playrooms (one with a small kitchen), equipped with safe furniture suited to the children’s needs and potential. There are various educational aids, toys, a dining room, a cloakroom, a kitchen, 3 bathrooms, a teachers’ room and a speech therapist/psychologist office.

Our teaching and educational work is planned in accordance with the curriculum and is implemented through active work methods. Additional activities include: ceramics, dance and natural workshops. We ensure the cultural development of our children through numerous theatre, cinema and concert experiences. We try to provide the children with a family atmosphere celebrating holidays like: Christmas Eve, Grandfather’s/Grandmother’s Days, Mother’s Day and other occasional family events.

Public Kindergarten in Józefów
Head Teacher: Krystyna Parakiewicz
12 Kasztanowa Street
05-860 Płochocin
Tel. (22) 292-60-15
email address:

The kindergarten bases its operations on a working plan, jointly formulated by the teachers. Experienced teaching staff and support personnel care for the creative, safe and skills developing stay for the children. They develop social, emotional and physical skills. There are sensory therapy classes during which the parents of the newly admitted children can familiarise themselves with the kindergarten to avoid the stress connected with the new surroundings.

Public Kindergarten in Józefów has existed since 1950. It is located in 12 Kasztanowa Street. It has 6 modern well-equipped classrooms with adjacent bathrooms. There is also a big recreational room which functions as the place for organising additional activities like gymnastics or occasional events. The building includes specialist offices for a speech therapist and a psychologist. The kindergarten is located in a nice green area.

Our educational offer is varied and suited to the children’s needs and potential. During curricular activities the teachers use different active methods taking the comprehensive development of each child into consideration. The teachers encourage children to take part in various competitions, contests, theatre performances in order to boost their confidence. Numerous trips to museums, agro-tourist farms and the library are organised as well.

The ‘Academy under the Larch’ Public Kindergarten
Head Teacher: Magdalena Kacperska
89a Sochaczewska Street
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
Tel. 504 047 426
email address: 

The kindergarten in Macierzysz, which is conducted by the Macierzysz Development Association, has been operating since 2010. We are a developmental institution. There is a friendly and kind atmosphere. The relations between the staff are welcoming, sincere and full of mutual respect. We often organise social meetings with our children and their parents around the bonfire, artistic workshops and performances and other events throughout the year. The cosy atmosphere of our kindergarten makes children feel at home.

The kindergarten is located in a safe and friendly place for children, far from the streets, amongst many trees. You can find a playground and the exercising equipment in our garden. Our classrooms are functional and nicely furnished. There is also a gym in our building, where besides sports activities different artistic performances and group activities for children take place.

In our kindergarten children are never bored. Everyday activities are enriched by interesting artistic forms with the usage of various art, music, movement and theatre techniques. We also implement original programmes like ‘Kuchcikowo’ culinary workshops and ‘The Brave Preschooler’ brave techniques programme. For many years our children have prepared artistic performances on the subjects of patriotism and Christmas which are regularly presented during municipal and district concerts.