The Municipality of Ożarów Mazowiecki is located in the centre of the Mazovian Voivodship in the West Warsaw District. In the east, it borders with Warsaw and then stretches in the direction of Błonie and Sochaczew along the important international transport routes: A2 highway, 92 trunk road and the Warsaw-Berlin railway. It is the urban-rural municipality with over 23000 residents. It is known for its good cultivated lands – mostly of the 3rd and 4th class.

The area of the municipality is divided into 25 village districts (‘Sołectwa’) and 11 estates, covering the area of 71.34 square kilometers.

The first mentions of  Ożarów date back to the Middle Ages when it was a royal village, which belonged to the Warsaw Starosty. The current town’s name originates from these times which was then known as Pożarowy Grange or the village of Pożarowy. Ożarów is also mentioned in the chronicles of the Swedish Deluge, and then in connection with Reicher, Marszewski and Kierbedź families in the 17th and 19th centuries.

At the beginning of the 20th century the first larger industrial companies appeared in the area: The Spirit and Yeast Facory in Józefów, Glassworks and the Cable Factory in Ożarów.

The ceasefire agreement signed at the 19th century manor in Poniatowskiego Street in Ożarów in 1944 was a significant historical event, after 63 days of the Warsaw Uprising.

The location in the immediate vicinity of Warsaw and the excellent transport system (A2 highway, S8 route, 92 trunk road) have lead many companies to make their investments in this area. Thanks to the well-developed technical and social infrastructure, the municipality is also an attractive location for taking up residence.

Amongst over 2500 companies which operate in the area, there are many well-known ones: IBA BIOTON, Diesel-Truck, Daimler Chrysler Automotive Poland, Renault, Vigo System. A Special Economic Zone was created on the premises of the Cable Factory.

Traditionally, the Municipality of Ożarów Mazowiecki, also known as the ‘Green District’ of the capital, is famous for its vegetable crops. Therefore, within the municipality in Bronisze, the biggest Agri-Food Wholesale Market is located. The entity is modern and essential and it can handle thousands of potential fruit, vegetable and flower buyers and suppliers.

In the The Fastest Entrepreneurship Developing Local Government ranking, between 2003 and 2016, the Municipality of Ożarów Mazowiecki took second place in 2017.